A few years ago, I had a business that was taking up about 196 hours a week of my time. The kicker was, it was failing, and was only a matter of time before we would be forced to either close it or figure out some high style insurance fraud and collect a fat check. The thing … [Read more...]




guess who fronted on me today? but its all good.  i showed him whats up.   i'm the boss, yo.   that should learn him. (or, you know, he fractured his leg going down a slide in mcdonalds playland.  either way.)   … [Read more...]

crazy baby bath time

crazy - 2

  the first time my baby fell backwards in the bathtub scared the hell out of me.  i had no idea it was about to happen, obviously, because i had dropped and broke my crystal ball the day before.  unable to tell the future for the first time ever, i was simply sitting in … [Read more...]

why read me?

adventure blog 1

  it was bath time at the house, and baby j was ripe and ready.  so i turned on the water and began filling the tub, adding the obligatory bubbles of course.  i undressed the baby, took off his diaper and set him on the floor while turning to shut off the faucet. … [Read more...]